What is it used for?

The Places management panel allows the administrators to insert and highlight particular places and local business among those shown in the widget Places, published on the Guest Portal (for more info, see the “Widget Types and entry procedures” sheet).
In this way, the administrators have the power to promote any partners' activities, like shops, restaurants or any other kind of facilities, letting them be in foreground to the eyes of those using the WiFi of the location.

Places list

Columns of the Places list
The columns of the Places list show details related to the places inserted by the administrator within the system.
The parameters to set are:
  • Name: it shows the name of the inserted place. 
  • Category: displays the belonging category for the inserted places and local business. 
  • Tools: shows the available tool buttons.

The tools allow the administrator to edit or erase any of the places manually inserted in the system.
The available actions are:
  • Edit: the button allows to change the info and the multimedia files contained in the description card of a particular place. 
  • Erase: the button allows the administrator to erase a particular place inserted in the system. After clicking, a message appears, asking to confirm deletion. By clicking "Confirm", the place is permanently deleted.

How to insert a Place

In order to insert a new place, simply click on the “New Place” button in the upper right of the Places panel. Once clicked, a screen will appear prompting you to write the name of the place to insert. By clicking on the search button, a list of results will appear. The results are directly taken from those registered in the Google Places Application. 

In the event that a place wont’ result in the list, you can inserti t manually by clicking on the “Enter it manually”. Some forms will appear. You must properly complete them with the info of the place you want to insert in the system, like the name, the category, the website and some photos.
Click on the “Save” button to proceed.
In order to show the ditances and to set which categories must be shown to WiFi users on the Guest Portal, you must properly edit the Places widget settings, by going in the Settings -> Location -> Places Settings panel.
For more info, read the “Places settings” sheet.

once inserted, your places will be shown into the Places widget published on the Guest Portal and will be visible to all of WiFi users.