What is it used for?

The Authorized MAC Addresses List sub-panel allows to enable certain devices for free browsing, without binding the owners to have an account. It also allows to check the list of already authorized devices and eventually delete them. 
The feature is useful for the administrator to provide access to the Internet via any smartphone, tablet and computer used by themselves, the staff of the location or other trusted people, without forcing them to the physiological waiting time determined by the authentication mode to the system. 

N.B. To use the feature, you must know the MAC address of the device you want to use. Please note that each device has a unique MAC Address and it is different from the others.


Authorized MAC Addresses List Chart

Columns of the Authorized MAC Addresses List Chart
The columns of the Authorized MAC Addresses List Chart describe the parameters related to the devices enabled for free browsing in the list. The parameters described are the following:
  • MAC Address: indicates the MAC Address of the authorized device.
  • Description: reports a brief descriptive text relating to the chosen device.
  • Tools: contains the button to delete the item from the Authorized MAC Address List. Upon clicking, a confirmation message appears asking for permission to proceed with the deletion. Click "Yes" to proceed with the final deletion or "NO" to cancel.

How to enter a MAC Address
To enter a new authorized MAC Address to the list, click the "Add MAC address" button above the chart on the right side of the sub-panel. A screen containing two forms to fill in will appear:
  • MAC: enter the exact address of the MAC Address of the device to be authorized.
  • Description: field to be filled with a brief description of the device to be authorized (example: PC Reception).
Once you have filled in the text fields, simply click the "Create" button to complete the operation.