What is it used for?

The Scratch-Card Management sub-panel allows to upload, manage and view the status related to the consumable scratch-card bundles used in the location. You can add new bundles of cards, associate a bundle to a profile or disassociate it. If you want, you can also split an initial bundle into two or more sub-bundles, to associate them with different profiles. It should be noted that card bundles can be associated only with the profiles configured with account distribution through scratch card.

N.B. To make the scratch-Card and its distributed accounts usable, it must be the administrator to pre-load the card bundles in the system, using the "Loading new card bundle" procedure. This way, the administrator can divide and/or associate the loaded bundle to a specific profile and activate the login credentials of users.


Scratch-Card Management Chart

Columns of the Scratch-Card bundles list chart
The columns of the Scratch-Card bundles list describe the parameters related to the bundles of cards loaded by the administrator within the system. By clicking the drop-down menu at the top left of the content chart, you can choose to display a greater number of items per screen, choosing from 10, 25, 50 or 100 items. By clicking the header of each column, you can sort the list (with ascending, descending or alphabetical order) based on the parameter that the corresponding column describes. 

The parameters described in the chart are the following:
  • ID: indicates the ID number of the bundle of cards entered. By default, the ID number of the bundle loaded most recently has a sequence number higher than those of bundles loaded earlier. The ID number of the bundles cannot be reset.
  • Bundle ID: shows the code assigned to the bundles of cards. It is entered by the administrator at the time of loading of the bundle and it is necessary to make the cards usable.
  • Date: shows the date and time in which the loading of the bundle took place.
  • Serials: indicates the range of serial numbers that identify the individual cards of that bundle.
  • Cards in Bundle: indicates the total cards in the bundle at the time of loading (or its subdivision, in case of a sub-bundle).
  • Used/Not used: reports, divided by a slash (/), the numbers of the cards already in use and those to be used within a single bundle.
  • Status: indicates the status of the bundle. It is divided into "Free" (bundle not yet associated with a profile) and "Assigned" (bundle already associated with some profiles).
  • Associated Profile: indicates the profile to which the bundle is associated with at the time of consultation.
  • Tools: contains the buttons the administrator needs to operate on a given Scratch-Card bundle. The available actions are three, namely the allocation of a bundle to a profile, the splitting of a bundle into sub-bundles, the dissociation of a bundle from one profile.

The Scratch-Card Management Tools allow the administrator to operate on the Scratch-Card bundles, associating, dissociating or dividing them into sub-bundles. Specifically:
  • Create Bundle: allows to associate a specific bundle of cards to a profile selected from those characterized by distribution through Scratch-Card. By clicking this button, a screen in which some summary data are shown on the chosen bundle, will appear. You can choose, through a drop-down menu, which profile to associate to the bundle. To complete the operation, just click the "Associate card bundle" button.
  • Split Bundle: using this feature, you can split a bundle of cards into one or more sub-bundles, with independent bundle code and serial numbers. By clicking the button, a screen in which are shown some summary data of the chosen bundle, will appear. To proceed with the splitting, just select from the multiple choice menu the bundle number from which to start and enter the serial number of the last card that will be the initial number of the new divided bundle. Then click "Split Bundle" to complete the operation.
  • Dissociate Bundle: allows to dissociate a Bundle from the profile it was previously assigned to. By clicking the button, a screen with some summary data of the Bundle will appear. To complete the operation, just click the "Dissociate card Bundle" button.

N.B. When you dissociate a card Bundle from a profile, any distributed cards already activated but not yet expired will maintain the association profile originally chosen for the card.
Otherwise, in case you dissociate a Bundle of cards from a profile and any distributed cards have NOT been activated yet, these will lose their membership profile until their original Bundle will be assigned to a new profile (of which they will assume all features). This implies that, in the time in which the card is not assigned to any profiles, it cannot be activated and therefore will not allow any kind of browsing to the user who owns it.

How to enter new Bundles of cards on the system

The function allows to load a new Scratch-card Bundle in the system. To enter a new Bundle of cards in the list, click the "Load card bundle" above the chart on the right side of the sub-panel. A screen containing two forms to fill in will appear:
  • Bundle code: enter the Bundle code on the packaging of the card to load.
  • Bundle Password: field to be filled in with the password associated with the card Bundle.

Once you have filled in all the text fields, just click "Load" to complete the operation.